VHP Cookbook Giveaway

Here at Vegan Heritage Press, we continue to work hard publishing quality cookbooks to promote a vegan lifestyle.  Recently, two of our bestselling titles, Practically Raw and Vegan Fire & Spice, became available for Kindle, and we’re also busy getting our exciting 2013 titles ready to publish.

Vegan Fire & Spice now available for Kindle

Great news!  The first book published by Vegan Heritage Press, Vegan Fire & Spice by Robin Robertson is now available as a Kindle book.  You can find it on the Vegan Fire & Spice page as an option or find it directly in the Kindle Store. This

World Vegan Feast’s Bryanna Clark Grogan

World Vegan Feast author Bryanna Clark Grogan is keeping extremely busy these days!  She is featured in the current issue of American Vegan magazine.  In addition to a great Q&A interview, there are also two sample recipes from her book, World Vegan Feast, published by Vegan Heritage

Practically Raw Goes International…and Digital

Many thanks to all who have said so many great things about our latest title, Practically Raw: Flexible Raw Recipes Anyone Can Make.  This truly innovative book with its cooked options is proving to be a much needed resource for people looking to experiment with raw foods

Easy Pantry Cooking for Convenience and Emergencies

With natural disasters once again taking the headlines, I am compelled to write a post about Vegan Unplugged because it’s the very reason why Robin and I wrote this book after our experience with Hurricane Isabel back in ’03 and we had to live without power for

VHP Author Develops Vegan Butter without Palm Oil

Bryanna Clark Grogan’s Vegan Butter on Vegan.com. Photo by Christina Hoheisel. Recently, Vegan Heritage Press author Bryanna Clark Grogan (World Vegan Feast) accepted the challenge to develop a butter alternative that uses no palm-oil Why was this oil a problem? Sources for palm oil in Indonesia and

Practically Raw Featured in VegNews’ 2012 10 Must-Buy Cookbooks

Chef Amber Shea’s Practically Raw: Flexible Raw Recipes Anyone Can Make has been chosen as one of 2012’s 10 Must-Buy Vegan Cookbooks by VegNews. This revolutionary cookbook presents a new way to enjoy the benefits of delicious raw food by providing cooked options for many of the

When People Publish Content That’s Not Theirs

This post was prompted by the discovery of a Kindle e-book that lifted its content from a popular vegan blog.  The offending book can be found here, and an astute reader will immediately see that not only did the plagiarist dupe the content from Susan Voisin’s FatFreeVegan

Practically Raw: The Smart Way to “Go Raw”

I first became exposed to the benefits of raw foods more than 12 years ago when I attended several raw potlucks that hosted guest speakers such as David Wolfe, Loren Lockman, and many others.   I came away from those experiences realizing two things: 1) I wanted

News from Vegan Heritage Press

The new year is shaping up to be a busy one for Vegan Heritage Press and its authors. Tamasin Noyes, author of American Vegan Kitchen is hosting a giveaway on her Vegan Appetite blog to win a copy of Bryanna Clark Grogan’s new book World Vegan Feast.