World Vegan Feast author Bryanna Clark Grogan is keeping extremely busy these days!  She is featured in the current issue of American Vegan magazine.  In addition to a great Q&A interview, there are also two sample recipes from her book, World Vegan Feast, published by Vegan Heritage Press.

On July 1st, Bryanna be participating in the Victoria Vegan Fest where she will teach a class on how to make her amazing homemade “vegan butter.” She will also discuss the perils of palm oil, the production of which typically destroys rainforests and endangers many animal communities, including orangutans.

If you don’t own World Vegan Feast yet, it should definitely be put at the top of your wish list.  Bryanna is the consummate cooking teacher — having this book in your kitchen is like having your own personal cooking instructor with delicious vegan recipes and tips in this book that you won’t find anywhere else.  Here are just a few photos of recipes from World Vegan Feast:

Am ch 10crostata di pere 007
Italian Pear Tart
Am ch7 seitan wellington 014-1
Seitan Wellington
Am ch10 triple ginger cake 016
Triple-Ginger Cake with Espresso Frosting