8 Vegan Tacos for Taco TuesdayWhat’s the best thing about Tuesdays? The tacos, of course!

Tacos deserve their own day, and Taco Tuesday has quickly become a weekly celebration of all things taco. Fortunately for vegans, Jason Wyrick’s book Vegan Tacos is devoted to plant-based versions of the traditional Mexican street food. Jason also shares his recipes for homemade tortillas, salsas, and condiments, but he provides shortcuts options with store-bought ingredients.

It can be difficult to choose what type of tacos to make for Taco Tuesday, so we’ve put together a list of 8 of our favorite Vegan Taco recipes.

8 Vegan Tacos for Taco Tuesday

Cactus Tacos from Vegan Tacos by Jason WyrickCactus Tacos – Prickly pear cactus pads take some care to work with properly, but when you do, they are amazing. They have just a little tang and a nice bright flavor.


Tacos Mineros PlatedMiner’s Tacos – Tacos Mineros were originally a taco commonly eaten by silver miners in the eighteenth century. Over time, tacos mineros became incredibly popular and started being sold in baskets throughout Mexico.


Tempura TacosTempura Tacos – These are a vegan twist on fish tacos. Jason uses oyster mushrooms in this recipe, not only because it’s the compassionate choice, but also because they have a flaky texture and taste great.


Mushroom TacosMushroom Tacos – Mixed mushrooms are the stars of these tacos. Oyster mushrooms give them a heavily browned flavor; the shiitakes add earthiness; and the creminis a sort of mellowness, all working together to provide a complex flavor in every bite.


BBQ Sweet Potato TacosBBQ Sweet Potato & Chile Peanut Tacos – This recipe was inspired by the barbecue dishes Jason ate while living in Fort Worth, Texas. These tacos are messy, a bit decadent, but oh-so-tasty.


Guacamole Tacos 2Guacamole Tacos – These tacos are easy to make and highly addictive.


Sonoran TacosSonoran Tacos – These tacos use flour tortillas instead of the more typical corn tortilla. The preparation is very simple and straightforward, creating a taco with a few strong elements that create several layers of flavor in each bite.


Vampire TacosVampire Tacos – These tacos are cooked right on the grill, and they get their name from the fact that the edges of the tortilla curl up to look like bat wings when cooked.


Vegan Tacos Small

All recipes from Vegan Tacos by Jason Wyrick. ©2014 Jason Wyrick. Used by permission from Vegan Heritage Press.