Another month is coming to an end, and, as usual, our authors have been busy. Here’s a recap of what they’ve been up to:

The Blooming Platter Cookbook author Betsy DiJulio was featured on Nasoya’s webite for her decadent Vegan Chocolate Nayo Cake. Betsy was also featured on Tofutti’s website for her creamy Vegan Caramelized Double Onion, Fresh Kale and White Bean Dip.


Amber Shea Crawley, author of Practically Raw and Practically Raw Desserts, shared some practical tips on how to stick to a vegetarian or vegan diet while eating out – even if plant-based dishes aren’t on the menu on Amber believes that vegetarians and vegans should never have to relegate themselves to ordering a meager salad when dining out, and we couldn’t agree more!
Robin Robertson, author of the recently released Nut Butter Universe, has had a busy  month! In addition to sharing her recipe for tasty Hawaiian Pineapple Tofu with the VegNews Recipe Club, Robin’s Sriracha-Spiked Hummus from Nut Butter Universe was featured in Kathy Freston’s Daily Lean, her Szechuan Stir-Fry from Nut Butter Universe was featured on Oakland Veg’s Meatout Monday and her recipe for Banh Mi Fajitas was featured on the Nasoya website.
Vegan Heritage Press founder and author of Vegan Unplugged Jon Robertson welcomed Vegan Publishers to world of, well, vegan publishing with a guest post on their blog.
If you’re looking for more pictures of decadent and delicious food, you can now find us on Food Gawker and Finding Vegan.

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