With natural disasters once again taking the headlines, I am compelled to write a post about Vegan Unplugged because it’s the very reason why Robin and I wrote this book after our experience with Hurricane Isabel back in ’03 and we had to live without power for over a week.

The tornadoes swathing the Midwest, which they say will continue into May, are just a reminder that while only the most devastated areas will find their way onto the evening news, many people in the surrounding areas will live without electrical power for weeks.  This is where Vegan Unplugged comes in. It shows you how to make excellent, quick meals without electrical power, right out of your pantry.
People who use the book love it for everyday cooking, too.  This is why Vegan Unplugged is spreading by word-of-mouth. It’s a book you’ll be glad to have in your home, so it’ll be there where you want it, and, more importantly, it will also be there when you want it.