Vegan Heritage Press is happy to announce that Bryanna Clark Grogan’s new book, World Vegan Feast, is officially in print! It literally rolled off the presses this week.  So, where can you find it?

Since the ink was barely dry just one week ago, it’s little short of a miracle, owing to our alert marketing department, that the book was already available on this Friday.  The actual publication date is September, but there are already four places in the U.S. to buy the book:, Barnes&, and books were just shipped to Vegan Essentials and Herbivore. (Both Vegan Essentials and Herbivore ship to Canada.)

Snail-paced distribution channels are why publishers put the pub date out ahead of availability.  As and’s slow wheels discover that the book is available on U.S. Amazon, they, too, will pick it up in the near future.  I anticipate this within the next two weeks.  For U.K. readers, the book will also be available via in the next few weeks. The book is not yet available at Chapters-Indigo stores, but it is in the works.
Soon, you will also be able to buy books directly from the publisher.  But in the meantime, you can have your local bookstore order the book for you through our distributor: Baker & Taylor Books.  Baker & Taylor has it in their system and are happy to ship anytime.