Since I published my own book Vegan Unplugged in August 2010, I’ve been posting articles, news, recipes, and giveaways on my Vegan Unplugged blog. However, as Vegan Heritage Press continues to grow, I decided it was time to give my company a blog all its own, and here it is!
VHP has lots of news to share, beyond my own book, including news about its current and upcoming authors and titles for 2011 and beyond. I’ll continue to post articles and recipes for Vegan Unplugged here as well, but I’ll also be able to include news on new titles, authors, recipes, and do some cookbook giveaways, too. I hope you’ll subscribe to this new blog.
Vegan Heritage Press is a company founded and operated by vegans that publishes cookbooks for vegans and the growing number of people who are choosing healthier, environmentally friendly, and more compassionate options in how they eat. I hope you enjoy this blog. I look forward to sharing lots of interesting things in the weeks and months ahead.