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Since it’s a food related holiday that traditionally revolves around eating meat, Thanksgiving can be a tough holiday for vegans. It can be a stressful day, but it doesn’t have to be. Rather than focusing on what you don’t like about the day, it’s better to focus on what you enjoy – delicious food and the company of your friends and family.


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How to Survive Thanksgiving as a Vegan:

  1. Bring a Dish or Two – If you’re attending Thanksgiving dinner at someone else’s house, remind your host that you’re vegan and offer to bring a dish or two. When you do, you’ll be making sure you have something to eat, and you’ll also be showing others how delicious vegan food really is.
  2. Give a Gift – If someone else is hosting Thanksgiving dinner, giving your host the gift of the cookbook is a nice way to say thank you for the invitation. Cook the Pantry by Robin Robertson and Vegan Bowls by Zsu Dever both have delicious omnivore-friendly recipes, and they both make great gifts.
  3. Host Your Own Dinner – Thanksgiving is a great time to show your friends and family just how delicious vegan food is, so why not invite them over and make a scrumptious plant-based feast? You could also host a vegan potluck, and share vegan recipes with those who may be new to plant-based cooking.
  4. Stick with the Classics – If you’re cooking for omnivores this holiday, stick with classic dishes that your guests will recognize. Mashed potatoes, stuffing, and apple pie are all easy dishes to veganize.
  5. Be Prepared for Questions and Comments – If there are omnivores at your celebration, they will no doubt have questions for you, so be prepared to answer. Stay positive and upbeat. If it looks like the conversation is taking a dark turn or becoming a debate, consider telling people that you’d prefer to discuss the subject at another time because you’d rather enjoy everyone’s company.
  6. Visit a Sanctuary – Many animal sanctuaries are open on Thanksgiving, so you can celebrate your holiday with the turkeys.
  7. Adopt a Turkey – If you can’t visit a sanctuary, you can celebrate the holiday by donating to a Save a Turkey fund. Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt a Turkey and Woodstock Animal Sanctuary’s Sponsor a Turkey campaigns are two of our favorites
  8. Give Thanks Don’t lose sight of what the day is about. Take time to be thankful.

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