Submissions Guidelines

We welcome proposals for vegan cookbooks.

If you have a book idea and are interested in submitting a proposal, send a query letter describing your book and your background along with a  two-page outline and at least three sample recipes. Please include the following:

  • Title, subtitle, and brief description
  • Overview: An overview of the book–the way your introduction would read
  • Author Bio: a bio that describes your experience on the subject
  • Marketing: What makes your book idea or slant unique? How will your book distinguish itself among competing titles in the small and crowded vegan niche marketplace?
  • Describe your platform: web presence, website, social media participation (FB, Tw, Pinterest, etc.); professional standing in your field, if any.
  • Contact: Your full name, mailing address, email address, and phone number

Submissions should be sent by e-mail as Word attachments.

If you e-mail your submission, please type in the subject line: Query: followed by the working book title and your name.