PrintAyindé Howell and Zoë Eisenberg are hitting the road for a Lusty Vegan tour this fall. Their first stop will be in New York City on October 15 and 16.

Zoe and Ayinde This immersing culinary art installation includes large scale photos from the book paired with relevant quotes displayed on a-frames, funny tongue-in-cheek video content, sponsor giveaways and a multi-course dining experience featuring recipes from the book. Zoe and Ayinde will give a 30 minute talk dispersed between courses, along with introductions to dishes. The event will close with a brief Q & A.


Filet De SoyBefore the meal, guests will be able to browse several photography selections from the book that give guests a visual experience of what the book will be like. Around the room will be groupings of different images stretched over canvas—one group for each chapter. These images will be a mix of the high quality “lifestyle” photographs from the book, as well as some blown up quotes and take-away excerpts that highlight the main theme.


Crab CakesFour courses will be served. Between each course, Zoe and Ayinde will continue to come out between each course to talk about what they’re eating and offer anecdotes on:

• Navigating and respecting your differences in a vegan/omni relationship
• How food plays an integral part of who we are and who we connect with
• Short stories from the “making of” The Lusty Vegan
• Short anecdotes from the authors’ dating past, like Ayinde’s story about fried chicken, Zoe’s story about her one disastrous date with a vegetarian or how Zoe’s ex went veg as revenge for me breaking up with him.


The Menu
Hearts of Baltimore Crab Cake
Pickled Fennel Salad
Fillet de Soy
Strawberry Shortcake Biscuits


Strawberry Shortcake The Lusty Vegan Culinary Art Experience will take place at Suite ThreeOhSix59 Franklin St, Suite 306, New York, NY, at 7:30 pm both on October 15 and 16. The cost of the ticket includes a signed copy of The Lusty Vegan. Tickets are available here: